Dreams of Heaven

Heavy of heart, weary and care-worn
I shun the numbing tedium of toil
And turn my face to the open sky
Seeking warmth and rebirth

With feet of clay and heart chilled
From endless daily nothings
I seek the solace of a breeze
In my hair, sun On my face

Blue sky or grey, no matter the hue
The blessed quickening air calls to me
Whispers seduction in my ear
Take wing and dare to be free

My trembling hands hasten to assemble
The crumpled sail, the sleeping spars
With stiffened hands rebuild anew
The means of my salvation

Wait, wait for that magic moment
When weary fingers feel the breath of life
And send my heart, my very soul soaring
Swift as a home-sick angel

Free at last - I wish it was for ever...
One day, one day but not too soon
I dream of that day and welcome the thrall
The bliss Of endless flight

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